How to Transform Your Décor

Whether you have moved into your new home or want to update your décor, there are many little tricks that can help you transform your space in an instant. Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference to your interior design. Check out our top tips on how to transform your décor.

Paint Small Rooms in a Lighter Color

Dark colors make a room feel smaller than it is. We, therefore, suggest painting smaller rooms in a lighter, softer color, which will enhance a space. Also, try to combine light paintwork with plenty of natural light to make a room appear much bigger.

Play with Styles

Don’t be afraid to play with styles when creating your dream home. For instance, there is no reason why you cannot add family heirlooms into a modern interior design, which can create intrigue and personality. Many professional interior designers will be the first people to tell you that your home should reflect your personality, so nothing is stopping you from blending the past with the present to create a unique home style.

Add Some Texture

Add warmth and texture to your home by adding different fabrics into your living space. For example, you can add a shaggy rug, different cushions and various sofa and chair fabrics to improve the look and feel of a room, which can create a stylish and inviting interior design.

Reflect the Seasons with Slip Covers

Slip covers are a fantastic way to alter your home’s décor to reflect the seasons. The flexible fabrics are not only stylish, but they also can be removed with ease should you or a visitor drop food or spill a drink on your furniture. Also, a light slip cover can also make a space appear much brighter and more elegant during summertime, and you can change to a darker color to create a cozy winter atmosphere.

Add Mirrors for More Light

If you have a small room with a limited amount of natural sunlight, we suggest hanging mirrors to create a larger space. Place a large or small mirror directly across from a window to instantly add more light to a room.

Change Your Lighting

The lighting you install can transform a home’s interior style. That’s why you must select a high-quality product to shine a light on your décor and create a unified interior design scheme throughout your home. For instance, you can illuminate your newly transformed home with reasonably priced brand Kichler, who offer modern chandeliers, pendant lights, wall scones and much more – perfect for modernist and minimalistic décor. Exposed lightbulbs, classic candelabras and contemporary metallic fixtures are ideal for creating a personalized home.

Improve Storage with Wicker Baskets

Do you want to improve storage in the home? Consider adding wicker baskets into your interior design, which are both elegant and economical. You can use the handy baskets to store everything from books, magazines, toys and blankets, so the items will not detract from your beautiful décor.

Do you have any helpful tips to share for transforming an interior design? Write a comment below.