When to Call in an Expert to Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is the hottest thing in home upgrading these days. With the cost of new homes skyrocketing in places across the country from New York to Tulsa Oklahoma, most homeowners cannot afford to move, so remodeling is the best option.

There are many things that owners look for in a new kitchen. They want new appliances with elegant and fancy stoves and refrigerators topping their wish lists. They also want to have many aspects of the kitchen remodeled to allow for easier cooking and more comfort. With the kitchen becoming a room to hang out in for family and guests, having a newly remodeled kitchen fits right into today’s lifestyle.

The smaller changes can be done by the homeowner. These include some painting and putting in new faucets, but the bulk of the work need to be done by a professional contractor. For instance, if you live in Tusla, Olahoma, you would contact CBI Tulsa to do the following jobs:


Most older kitchens have countertops that are either made of laminate, Corian or some man-made easy to clean surface. These surfaces however have gone out of style and look dated in a kitchen today. A smart kitchen remodel is replacing the countertops. If you haven’t looked at the selection of countertops today, you’ll be surprised at the variety and how much they have improved. New products feature a premium fit and finish and give you an option of look and even feel. You can special order them to match your kitchen and any good contractor can install them in a day.


Kitchen cabinets are an important part of a kitchen in terms of their functionality. But today they play another role of adding to the beauty in your kitchen. If your cabinets are wood, melamine or laminate you can paint over them in newer more in-fashion colors and have a contractor replace the doors with more upscale and modern looking one. This is a lower cost fix than replacing the entire cabinets. If you live in an older home however or have a family that is expanding, you may need to replace and add cabinets to your kitchen. Here is where a contractor can really make a difference. They can map it out and get the work done quickly.


New flooring can completely change the mood in your kitchen. Today the looks range from slate to granite to all varieties of wood. Yes wood in the kitchen has become popular because today’s wood floors are sealed against stains and spills. Depending on the mood you want to set in your kitchen you can have a floor that will help set it. A common look these days is to go with a darker floor and contrast it will lighter cabinets and an island.

Kitchen Island

An island makes your kitchen look upscale. This look takes a bit longer to install, but your contractor can give you several options for the size placement and shape of a kitchen island. You can add an additional kitchen faucet here or even put in a grill. The island also creates a table top for you to place stools against, creating a place for people to congregate in the kitchen and have an informal meal.

Make sure that you check the previous work of any contractor you hire and get a fair price for their work.