Creative Jobs for Creative Thinkers

In an ideal world everyone would be working in a profession that they loved, a job that they couldn’t wait to get up for and a job that matched their characteristics. Unfortunately we don’t live in that world and many people are wasting away in jobs that they don’t like or enjoy. If you are of the age when you are deciding upon a career it is important  that you avoid this awful fate and seek a job which you are going to love. Today we are going to take a look at jobs for the most creative minds among us, jobs where they can exercise their creativity on a daily basis and feel happy with their work.



There are many great singers and musicians in the World who simply pass their skill off as a hobby when in fact they could be using it to make some money. Tom Hess guitar player and touring musician knows a great deal about the industry and he states that getting into it requires hard work and just a little bit of luck. There is a myth out there that you have to write a hit song in order to become a musician but this is nonsense, there are plenty of opportunities to work in the music industry without having a song playing on the radio.


It used to be that to make it as a writer you had to write a smash hit novel or study hard at college to hopefully get a job as a journalist. Thankfully those days have gone and in the modern age you can be a writer from simply having a connection to the internet. Not only could you create your own blog and have your very own portal where you can write each day about your chosen subject for the World to see but you could also start life as a freelance writer. There are great online job sites where employers are looking for freelancers to work on projects, you can work for multiple clients at once all from the comfort of your own home whilst making money.


Engineers are quite literally the creators of the World, they are the brains behind every new creation and new discovery that the human race makes and being an engineer will give you the perfect opportunity to use your innovative skills to do great things.You will need to not only be creative for a career in engineering but also have a gift for math and the sciences. Personal characteristics that are required include hard working attitude, being able to work as part of a team and having an eye for detail. There are several fields of engineering that you could enter into, civil, mechanical, electrical, computer, chemical and aerospace engineering are just a handful that are available to you from hundreds of varying branches. Engineers make good money and the career can be extremely rewarding financially if you work hard.