Custom Lapel Pins A Proven Way to Build Brand Awareness

In business and promotion marketers are always looking for a low cost item with high impact. In this respect custom lapel pins are amongst the best value options available. Not only do lapel pins have benefits in making your brand more visible they are exclusive personal gifts which people cherish and which cost only a dollar or two each. And not only are these simple but effective branding devices cheap and popular they can last a lifetime so your marketing spend is likely to keep returning for years to come.

Next time you watch the evening news and one of our brave political leaders appears to explain themselves look closely at the lapel of their tailored jacket. Most likely you’ll see a lapel pin which represents either the flag of the nation they represent or a charity or community group they support. The simple act of attaching a pin to jacket signifies support and is a subtle reminder to everyone who encounters the wearer of the principles on which the organisation stands.

If your community organisation or club is looking for a cost effective way to reward sponsors and supporters custom made lapel pins are a proven approach. Not only are the cheap and exclusive to the organisation, it is possible to produce a range of pins which can be used to reward different levels of financial support. The same applies with year of service lapel pins which can share a common design but celebrate the individual contributions made by supporters or staff. This type of flexibility is one of the many advantages lapel pins offer the canny marketer.

The low cost of production and the equally low final unit cost of producing a run of pins are good reasons to order but the other consideration is the simplicity of getting a final design produced. Most lapel pin factories offers free design service. While preparing artwork an designs for many promotional items can be difficult this is not the case with pins. By simply sending your logo and the preferred message you wish to display the manufacturers will be able to produce a finished design based on their experience of making thousands of different styles over the years.

Because there are so many different types of lapel pin there’s a style to suit every application. If you’re promoting an event, or handing out the pins at a function, a model which includes a flashing LED light will create colour and movement. A hard enamel pin is a long lasting, stylish gift while a die stamped metal option allows a simple design to be shown to full advantage. Soft enamel pins can be produced at a low unit price and thousands can be handed out without breaking the bank. One thing’s for sure, if you are looking for cost effective corporate gifts for a conference, event or or to reward sponsors of your club there is a custom lapel pin option which will maximise your return on investment.