Unexpected Things That Are Raising Your Energy Costs

Opening up hydro bills should not lead to an unpleasant surprise, especially if someone is trying their hardest to watch how much energy they are using. Most people know to turn their lights off when they leave a room or to cut down their time spent in the shower, but there are other unexpected factors that could be racking up the costs.

Air Leaks

Drafts creeping into the house through gaps, cracks and low-quality windows will lead to higher energy bills. The irregular indoor temperature means that homeowners consume more of their air conditioning and heating. A good way to solve this problem with air leaks is to insulate the house with energy-efficient windows. They can acquire these energy-saving upgrades from one of the best window suppliers in the city — Casa Bella Windows & Doors has a wide selection of sizes and styles using low-emissivity glass and durable frames to keep wind outside where it belongs. They have been expertly manufacturing and installing exceptional windows for homes for over six decades. 


Washing and drying clothes consumes a lot of water and electricity, especially if people are running these appliances every single day. In order to save money, they should follow energy conservation tips like hanging their damp laundry to dry outside when the weather is warm, making loads lighter and using the machines during the evening or on weekends. They can also replace their old low-quality washer and dryer with new energy-efficient appliances. A dryer that has been certified by the Energy Star organization will use an average of 20% less energy than standard models, while a washing machine will use 25% less energy and 33% less water than its counterparts. 

Staying Plugged In

People may not realize how much everyday devices waste electricity and money when they are plugged into outlets — the majority of the items take up just as much energy while on standby as they do when they are being used. The household electronics that siphon electricity range from kitchen appliances to entertainment systems. People should consider how they squander so much energy for a little bit of convenience, like when they leave a coffeemaker on standby all day long so that they can set an automatic timer and shave down the minutes it takes to brew a pot in the morning. They can follow these simple steps if they want to trim down their bills and start saving electricity:

  • Unplug all of the items in the house that are not needed immediately like blenders, toasters and hairdryers. 
  • When battery-powered devices have been 100% charged, remove them from the outlets.
  • People who are worried about forgetting to physically unplug devices can get power bars that automatically shut off.

These are surefire ways that homeowners can shrink down their energy costs every single month. If the bills still seem strangely high, it would be wise to get an energy audit done on the house in hopes of finding the mysterious cause.