Don’t Have A Credit Card? 4 Ways To Pay Without One

Whether you want to buy something online or would like to make a major instore purchase, it can be difficult to pay for an item without a credit card. However, it’s not impossible. Many retailers and merchants today utilize user-friendly, comprehensive POS solutions such as the Clover POS System that accept a variety of payment methods. Below are just a few ways that you can pay without a credit card:

Prepaid Card

You can buy a prepaid card just about anywhere these days. Go to your local grocer, bank or retailer, allow them to scan your photo ID and then pay them the amount that you would like on your card, plus fees and interest. You can then use the card at a variety of businesses, and just as easily as if you had an actual credit card.

Merchant Accounts

Merchant accounts such as PayPal, Skrill and Venmo aren’t just for online shopping anymore. Several retailers have incorporated a merchant account solution into their POS systems so that individuals without plastic can make payments with ease. PayPal even offers a line of credit for those larger and more costly purchases.

Mobile Wallet Apps

New mobile wallet apps such as Google Wallet, Venmo, SquareCash and Transferwise all act like credit and cash at the same time. If you need to pay for something with cash but don’t have the green, use your Google Wallet account. If a merchant accepts only credit, bust out your Venmo app. Venmo doesn’t charge a fee so long as you use a debit card or uploaded cash, but it does charge a small fee for running it as credit.

Checking Account

Transferring money directly from your bank account to the merchant’s account is a lot more acceptable these days than writing a check, though they’re essentially the same things. If you don’t have your plastic on you, ask the merchant if you can input your bank account info—if he or she utilizes a smart POS system such as Clover POS systems, there is unlikely to be an issue.

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