Elliptical vs Treadmill –The Difference

Elliptical vs treadmill - what's the difference?
U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist David Rush (public domain)

The treadmill and elliptical are popular workout machines at gyms and fitness clubs across the globe. Both give a wonderful cardiovascular workout and draw enthusiasts of all ages. Their manufacturers claim that they facilitate to lose more weight. However, which one to choose depends on the user. Below, we will compare the elliptical vs treadmill, so you can see which suits you better…

The Treadmill

This trusted machine was born years ago; it provides a moving surface to walk. Walking is our natural activity and a basic fitness regime. Some people prefer to run instead, this machine has varying speeds and accommodates from a beginner to an expert. An advanced model can track your heart rate, provide interval training, even tell you how far you have come, in how much time, and even tell you are your burnt calorie count. It provides you with the option of walking hands – free, holding on to the handle and walking or walking on an incline. The market is flooded with many brands and their models, but the most admired one is Sole Treadmill F80.

The Elliptical

This is the new kid on the block; the elliptical have gained recognition in short span of time. It provides you with a gliding foot movement that is in constant contact with the pedal. An elliptical has two moving bars, which allows working on your upper body and lower body simultaneously. There is touch competition in market it becomes difficult to select the best one for yourself, but the most preferred brand is Sole elliptical.


  1. Noise: Treadmills make a lot of noise this is because of their motors while elliptical work silently and mechanically.
  2. Moving handles: The moving bars of the elliptical provide an aerobic activity to the arms and upper body.
  3. Space: Both occupy the same amount of space
  4. Stress: elliptical takes the stress off the joints by giving a fluid movement without lifting legs. In contrast, the treadmill involves walking which is a low- impact activity but puts pressure on the joints. Walking on a treadmill is performing a natural activity where as well working on an elliptical required coordinated movements.


People who use either of the machines vow by their effectiveness. Those who use both like the change of pace between the two. According to a research, the treadmill helps in burning more calories. If a person weighing 82kgs completes a 45-minute workout, on a treadmill he will burn 442 calories on the other hand on an elliptical he will burn 675 calories.


A person burns out more calories on a treadmill than the elliptical but there are other factors as well but in the end, it is a matter of personal preference. People joint problems and those who want an upper and lower body workout prefer an elliptical for its non- affect design. Those who count every calorie burnt prefer a treadmill.