Ensure the Personal Development of Your PRINCE2 Team

When you have a team to carry out our projects professionally you will feel far more confident about what the future holds in store for your business. One of the most important points in this respect is around how you help your team members to develop over time.

If they become PRINCE2 experts and learn about all aspect of project management then you will know that they can handle whatever other projects come your way. So, what can you do to ensure that they carry on growing and developing?

Give Them a Variety of Projects

The more variety that your team get in their work the better. This is because they will learn to deal with far more different situations and people in this way.

By mixing up their projects as much as possible, you will keep the whole team on their toes and avoid them slipping in to a comfort zone. This is far more difficult to do in a small company, but it is certainly well worth the effort involved in doing so.

You should look to avoid giving the same people the same set of repetitive tasks over and over again.

Arrange the Training That They Need

Working on PRINCE2 projects is something that requires the team members to learn a wide variety of skills. This is terrific news for their future, provided that you arrange the training that they need to carry on working to a high standard.

Of course, the PRINCE2 Training Dublin is a hugely important part of their career development. They will also need to go on other courses, whose content will depend upon the different types of project that you ask them to take on. The more varied the projects, the greater the need for diverse training courses.

Not everyone is keen to get trained at the start, but most people will realise for themselves the benefits that they are receiving from learning a range of new skills. Someone who is from a background where a small skillset is required may feel rather over-awed by this prospect at first, though.

Let Them Take on Responsibility

Working in a PRINCE2 team is a fantastic way to become more responsible. This can occur in a number of ways. Maybe you will give junior team members their own sub-projects to run, or maybe you will let them run meetings and provide updates to senior management on your behalf.

An extra responsibility that is awarded to project team staff should be backed up with the right training and support. If it is, then you can expect them to continue to grow in confidence as they realise that they are capable of doing so much on their own.

Eventually, you will be looking for your business analysts to become your future project managers. To make this transition, you need them to show that they are capable of taking on the added responsibility without any problems.

Reward Their Success

Everyone needs to feel that their hard work is going to be rewarded. In the case of PRINCE2 projects, many pieces of work could be long and complicated matters that take up months or even years of their time.

By rewarding them for doing a good job, you are encouraging your staff to carry on working hard and providing the results that the company needs from their projects. Obviously, you don’t need to wait until a project has completely ended before you do this.

Ensuring the personal development of your team members is one of the most satisfying ways of improving your business in the long term.