Common PRINCE2 Issues That Really Shouldn’t Be a Problem

Not every project that you run will be plain sailing all the way. In fact, there are sure to be some pieces of work that feel as though they drag on an on forever, running from one problem into the next one.

It doesn’t have to be like this, though. By using the tried and trusted PRINCE2 method you can run smart, professional projects that are virtually trouble-free. Of course, if you don’t use PRINCE2 well then you could still encounter the following problems.

A Lack of Planning

This is an issue that is undeniably common in the project world. Yet, there is absolutely no reason why it should be something that should rear its ugly head whenever you use the PRINCE2 framework on your projects.

Careful planning at the outset is one of the trademarks of this way of working. If you run a project using PRINCE2 and it is poorly planned then there is clearly something that you aren’t doing right.

By planning the piece of work well from the very beginning you will be setting it up for success. This is because you will be aware all times of what is expected of you, what your resources are and what the next target to aim for is.

Poor Communication

Another common complaint in any type of project is that the communication is poor. When this happens, it becomes almost impossible to carry out the work well. When no one knows what other people are doing then confusion is sure to follow.

This is another important aspect of PRINCE2. So, if you have poor communication on a project of this type then it is a clear sign that you aren’t following the guidelines as well as you should be doing.

On the other hand, once you learn how to communicate well everything becomes a whole lot easier. This shows how important it is to take this point seriously and work hard at it.

Not Enough Expertise in the Team

No matter what type of project methodology that you use, you are going to need team members who are experienced at using it. In the case of PRINCE2, the widespread nature of this approach means that there are people all over the planet who are extremely comfortable using it.

If you are setting up a new team then arranging PRINCE2 Dublin for your staff is a great move. This will allow them to become experts in this methodology and contribute more effectively to your projects from now on.

The different levels of certification available to PRINCE2 team members also means that you can easily plan a clear and attractive career development route for each person in your team.

Insufficient Resources

How many projects have floundered and ultimately failed over the years due to a simple lack of resources? Running out of money, staff or even space can seriously impact upon the chances of chance in any piece of work like this.

This point can actually be traced back to the planning issue that we looked at earlier on. If you haven’t planned your PRINCE2 project well then there is every chance that you run out of one type of resource or another as some point in the future.

Given the crucial importance of having sufficient resources, it is clear that this is in one of the most important issues that you should take into account early on in any project that you handle.

By using the PRINCE2 guidelines intelligently, you will find that all of your projects will begin to run more smoothly in the future.