Choosing the Right Electrician for Your Sydney Business

Having a business means that there will be times when you have maintenance issues at your office, factory, warehouse or storefront that need attention. Many businesses in Sydney have a full service lease that includes repairs that are part of wear and tear, so they call to the building maintenance or their landlord to get a professional to take a look at the problem. If you do not have this type of lease or if you are the landlord, your options are to find an electrician who can repair the problem quickly and for a fair price.

When you look at your local New South Wales directories, you will find that there are many options for electricians and it is really difficult to tell who is great and who just claims to be. Luckily, there are some tips we can offer to help you find a reputable electrician. Follow these guidelines and you will have your repair job done to the letter and on time.

​Here are some important points to look for when choosing an electrical contractors.

Ask for their certifications

Electricians are a specialized group who work on very dangerous areas of your business, it electrical system. In addition, your company will have very expensive equipment connected to its electrical system that can get damaged by someone who is not certified to work on your company’s electrical system. So you need to ensure that the electricians are qualified to perform the job safely. 

In New South Wales, some major electrical works can only be carried out by personnel with the appropriate qualifications. For instance, your job might require a Level 2 Certified electricians who are authorised to work on or near Energy Australia’s and Integral Energy’s network, handling live wires and metering equipment. And if you are looking for level 2 electricians Sydney offers no better option than Gordon Powers.

Are they experienced?

An electrician might have the right qualifications, but may not have the experience on the particular job you need done. So before you hire a company check their experience on different types of electrical jobs. Look at their website for customer feedback about the jobs they have performed. Is there someone who had a similar problem, called this company, and was satisfied with their work? This gives you a good indication that you will be too.

Do they clearly communicate the problem and solution options to you?

You should expect that when you find out the problem, unless you are an electrician, you will have little understanding about what they are saying. The same will be the case with the options for repair. Therefore you will have to trust that their professional recommendations for repair will be the best option. This is why it is important that they communicate with you well and clearly about why they are choosing the option and what the plus and minus will be with the option they recommend.

Do not be bashful about asking to see their certifications and demanding that they talk you through any repairs you need. Good electricians make this a part of their business and are happy to do it for your comfort.