How to Redecorate Your Home Like a Professional

When you decide to make changes to your home, there are several ways you can go about getting them done. If it is a remodel, which may include redoing a kitchen, a bathroom or even adding additional rooms to your home, it a very detailed and cumbersome.

The normal approach is to hire a professional to design the project and then bring in contractors to do the redesign. These types of projects can take several months to complete and costs tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The results when professionally done can be dramatic and improve the functionally of your home considerably. But again, one should be prepared to spend a king’s ransom and be overrun with workers constantly in your home.

Redecorating is an alternative that many also choose when wanting to change the look and feel of their home. If the home has all of the functionality but needs updating, redecorating is a way to do this cheaply and effectively. When done properly, the look can be just as dramatic. The best part is that you can do it yourself. The internet has made professional style redecorating available to those who never went to school for it. There are literally dozens of websites that teach you how to redecorate without hiring a high priced designer.

Here are some of the best tips to get your home looking like you just bought it.

A kitchen redesign can help you add value to your home, as well as brightening up the mood and encouraging you to make better use of the space that you have available.

Here are five kitchen design tips based around the theme of color:

Use Colour to Make a Statement

Colour is the best way to bring life to any room and there are multiple ways to use it to great effect. In the kitchen consider changing your cabinet doors and handles to ass a pop of colour. You can use colours that are subtly different to add character or dramatically different to be playful or add pop. Play off the colours of your counters or appliances and experiment with dark colors to give things some depth.

In the living room, use colour to give the room its own atmosphere. You can add coloured pieces of furniture that are outside of the usual colour choices to make a bold statement. How about buying a French provincial furniture and then throwing in some patterned pillows to give it a more modern look.

Your drapes frame the room so consider using deep reds or blues to create a rich and warm inviting feeling. To make the room feel larger use lighter colors and utilize thinner materials that let the sun in more.

Take Some Chances

Modern looks today often break with traditional style by mixing them in unusual ways. You will often see a retro couch with a modern lamp or a contemporary style chairs with a rustic and elegant dining room table.

Remember style is as much about your personal taste as it is about your wanting to make a statement. Experiment and be prepared to fail a few times until you get it perfect. So when you redecorate, go for it, and show people that you have something to say with your decorating choices.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

What professional interior designers do really well is to make sure the small details are perfect. They will make sure to buy the right lamp, add pillows and throws that complete a space and put in rugs and runners that accent the furniture exquisitely. You should go through every room you are redecorating and be really discerning about every small detail. Take a critical eye to wall hangings and bookends. Do they add to the room? Could you put a great magazine rack next to the couch that is the perfect final touch? These little things will make people compliment your hard work.

Take some time and review the ways that interior designers are creating today’s best look. Feel free to take liberally from them to make your own home stunning.