Facility Source Reviews the Different Elements of Facilities Management

All businesses have commercial properties and it is very important that the value of this property is maximized as much as possible. Doing so means engaging and proper facilities management, using the correct resources in the best possible way. Facilities management is a complex area of work with many facets and elements. Here, Facility Source reviews some of those elements.

Facility Source Reviews Elements of Facilities Management

An integrated facilities management solution includes at least the following elements:

  1. Estate management. This includes such things as security services, quality checks, inspection, equipment maintenance, service provider and tenant liaison, landscaping, waste disposal, cleaning, other utility services, maintenance, and repairs.
  2. Office support management. This is about warehouse administration, concierge services, mail and courier Services, transport office management, and front office management.
  3. Engineering management. This Focuses on various health and safety procedures, completing risk and hazard assessments, quality assurance, managing the energy equipment, planned and reactive maintenance for any equipment in use, and maintenance and operation of all mechanical equipment.#

These are the three core elements of integrated facilities management. All three of these are offered to ensure the value of the facility is increased by ensuring it is able to provide appropriate services in a professionally handled manner. It is important that these services are offered in line with both international and local standards. Facilities management is a huge piece of work and something that most companies will choose to outsource to third parties. This makes sense since they must be executed in a professional manner. Unfortunately, in an economy where businesses must find ways to cut costs and corners, outsourced facilities management is often one of the first things to go. Yet, research has shown time and again that spending money on professional facilities management actually saves costs in the long run.

Many businesses mistakenly believe that estate management is the be all and end all of facilities management. That is because this is perhaps the widest element of it, and one that focuses on the realty of a business. This is the environment, the equipment, and the physical premises. However, even this often also looks at various support services. Clearly, however, businesses are about far more than solely its physical property. The other elements mentioned, being the office support and the engineering, are equally important. Without those elements, operations cannot proceed as well as they should, which would be to the detriment of the business as a whole. For instance, without office support management, there will be nobody qualified to man specific areas of the office so that the duties and purposes of the business can be completed. Mean well, without a professional engineering management, businesses are likely to waste tremendous amount of money on their energy while also failing to meet sustainability targets and they may struggle to manage the operation of the actual equipment contained within the property. Clearly, each of these elements are of equal importance and operate in synergy with each other. That is why proper facilities management should encompass the lot.