How Are Lindsey Manufacturing ERS Units Installed?

Whenever talking about power grids going down, Lindsey Manufacturing Company is normally considered in order to build a new transmission system that brings power back to the affected areas. This is simply because of the fact we are looking at highly reliable reusable, modular transmission towers that can practically be installed everywhere.

The ERS structures offered by Lindsey have been utilized for over thirty years now. Installations happened in some of the worst possible locations and success always happened. This is mainly because of the numerous construction methods that are available. Three options are normally used and the choice is made by the engineer based on the exact condition of the site and what distribution will be needed.

Manual Installation – Gin Poles

Hand installation basically means that the site is really hard to reach and normally stands out as being highly remote. Alternatively, it is also possible that the equipment that is available is highly limited. No matter what models are used in terms of ERS technology, the great advantage offered is that everything is lightweight. It is not hard to transport everything that will be needed during installation by hand. Installation through manual methods is normally done through the use of the gin poles.

The Lindsey gin poles are normally utilized in order to easily lift column sections up to structure top. They are great for cases where construction relies on manpower or when there are powered capstans available. The manual installation also uses Lindsey erection jibs for tilting up ERS columns.

On Ground Installations – Cranes

Every single Lindsey ERS tower is rigid and can be installed with the use of just one crane. There is absolutely no worry about bending that appears. In fact, in many cases the ERS columns are installed with the use of smaller cranes. ERS columns stand at the center of the gravity system and then gimbal column ends are walked towards foundation. An on ground installation with the use of a crane is normally perfect for when using larger cranes is not actually practical.

Air Installations – Helicopter Installations

Similarly to the crane installation methods, the Lindsey ERS options can easily be transported and built completely remotely, with transport being handled by helicopter use. The heavy-duty ERS is available with helicopter locking mechanisms and helicopter sighting. This means that a helicopter can easily be used for installation purposes. The system brings forth two really impressive advantages:

  • Helicopters are capable of doing most of the installation work, making every single difficult or remote location fully accessible.
  • If lifting capacity is reduced for the helicopter because of really high-altitude locations, helicopters can still be used to install ERS columns through lighter sections.


Construction methods used for Lindsey ERS columns and systems are very simple and straightforward. They were created in a way that perfectly guarantees there is no way to not be able to install emergency power delivery systems, no matter how remote the site is. Specialists choose the best systems available and then manage to easily build a distribution network that is of the quality required.