How to Get The Right Staff For Your Business

At  the heart of every great business is a great team of employees and as a business owner you must place very high focus on how you recruit your staff. Recruiting the wrong people can have severely negative impact on your business and it can be a massive drain on resources to train staff, fire staff and rehire staff if you haven’t hired right in the first place. This is especially important for small companies who do not have the resources in place to cover for poor staff. If you do get it right however, then a great team of employees can really help you to take your business to the next level. Let’s have a look at how you can ensure that you get the right people for your business.

Using Social Media

Social media is about far more than just sharing silly viral videos and you can use it to spread your search for the right staff far and wide. Using a social media channel like LinkedIn can give you a great place to post your job advert, and you can also use the site to find the kind of people that you are looking for. LinkedIn displays people’s profiles, references ad work history so that you can also use this to vet any candidates after they have applied. If you are looking for temp workers you can also benefit from using social media as the application ShiftPixy is designed to connect part time shift workers with companies who are looking to plug gaps. Social media offers you the perfect solution to any staffing issues and can help you get the right person for the job.

Using Job Sites

Simply posting your position on one job site and expecting to find the right person is not enough and if you really want to get the best people, you need to extend your search further. Try posting not only on general job sites but also job vacancy sites which are specific to your industry. Posting jobs costs money but you shouldn’t scrutinize this as getting the right member of staff into your companywide be well worth the cost.

Vetting Process

Many people skip too lightly over the vetting process when reviewing application forms but for me, this is where you can really start to find the right person for your job. You should only invite a handful of people in for interviews and when vetting you must be very pragmatic, and ruthless if needed, in order white down your list of applicants.

Job Interview

By the interview stage, you already know about that person’s work history and qualifications, so you should use this time to find out more about them, and what they can bring to this job. The idea here is that you are being if this person is notably good enough for the job, but also that they can fit into your team.