Jobs For Real Estate Enthusiasts

When it comes to deciding on which career you will embark on, or which you will change to, it is really important that you not only think about what your skills are, but also what your passions are. The last thing that anyone wants is to fall into a career which will eventually make them unhappy, remember that you’ll spend more time at work in life than anywhere else, so you must be happy.

I spend a lot of time in schools and colleges helping with career choices and as part of my careers focus, I want to talk a little today about what kind of jobs you could take on, in the real estate sector. If you have a passion for buying and selling and creating homes, here are the jobs you should be looking at.

Real Estate Developer

The real estate development industry is always on the lookout for new talent, this is an industry which is always busy thanks to the fact that there is always a demand for new homes. There are many levels at which you can work in this position, you could be working on the luxury side of things, building offices, fancy homes, and high quality accommodation. Alternatively you could work in creating not just homes, but communities, companies like Florida’s Terra Group have specialized in a smart strategy for example that is looking to create communities rather than just real estate properties. Within this role you could work in land acquisition, planning, construction or any other manner of positions under the development umbrella.


Real estate is one of the most common places for investors to put their cash thanks to the low risk nature of property. The markets of real estate are notoriously more stable than the likes of stocks and shares, and they also offer more ways to make money. Using your knowledge and passion for real estate, you can snap up properties at great prices and then rent them out long term, you could sell when the market moves up, or you could even flip them for a quick profit. You must ensure that you know what you are doing as you will be playing with large sums of money, assuming you do, you could make some great profits from real estate.

Real Estate Agent

Estate agent’s responsibilities are about understanding their local market, and helping their clients to find the perfect home for them. Within this role you must be a great people person and have outstanding sales skills. This is a position where you must strike the balance between making your company money, and making sure that the client is exceptionally happy with their new property. Up selling is of course encouraged, but you must do so in a way that still ensures that your clients are happy and comfortable. Finding a client their next home can be very exciting and highly rewarding and you will be paid well for such a position.