How to Make a Cold House Warm

There is nothing worse than a cold home during the grips of winter and today we are going to have a look into some of the ways that you can quickly warm it up. The problem that most of us have is that during the rest of the year, we aren’t really thinking about heating and air conditioning solutions, until of course we really need them.

The key is being on the front foot here, and preparing the home before the cold weather comes. If you have a home which is often cold, here is how to warm it up.

Central Heating Maintenance

If you have central heating installed and you don’t feel that it is delivering, you may find that there is an issue with it. Maintenance will ensure that the system is efficient and delivering the warmth you need.

Sealing The Gaps

There are many areas of the home which need to be sealed off to prevent warm air escaping. Be sure to seal your windows and doors, as well as insulating any hatches to the loft or the attic.

Checking Insulation

No matter how good your ducted heating system may be, if your insulation in the roof and walls isn’t good enough, you will be pumping air right outside. Be sure that you have this checked before winter comes.


Ceiling fans are the perfect solution for warm and cold climates. In winter switch the fan to anti-clockwise and it will help to recirculate warm air through the home.

Using Portable Heaters

You don’t always need to switch the central heating on at home, especially if you only plan to be in a single room. In such a situation you can use a portable fan to provide heat to a specific area, rather than using the entire system.

Open Curtains

Opening curtains during the day will help you to use the rays from the sun to bring some warmth to the home.

Closing Curtains

When that sun falls however, be sure to close the curtains so as to keep the colder air from coming into the home.

Zoning Off

If you have rooms in the home which aren’t used much then zone them off on your heating system and close the doors. This will make the heating to the rest of the home more efficient.

Bleed Radiators

If you have bubbles of air in your radiator system then this is going to cause a vacuum which prevents the radiators from getting as hot as they should. Bleed the radiators ahead of winter to ensure maximum efficiency.

Clothes and a Hot Water Bottle

If you are cold in the house but you don’t want to switch on the ducted heating system, adding an extra layer, a blanket and a hot water bottle could be enough to beat off the chill. This is great if you are on your own at home, and you can save money and energy as a result.

Try out these tips to get your home warmed up.