How to prepare yourself for laser eye surgery

Knowing how to prepare yourself for laser eye surgery will reduce complications on the big day
Photo by CC user 422737 on Pixabay

If you have worn glasses or contacts for the better part of your life, then you know that they can sometimes be frustrating. Aside from the ever-increasing cost of frames, glasses are not always practical for sports. Weather conditions can fog your glasses, and it’s easy to scratch them. Contacts don’t work for everyone, and the daily maintenance can be tedious.

It may finally be time to have laser eye surgery. If you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have an astigmatism, laser surgery can restore 20/20 vision if you are a good candidate. It’s time for you to see your eye doctor, and get an assessment for the procedure. Once it’s booked, here is how to prepare yourself for laser eye surgery.

The procedure

It might make you a bit squeamish, but understanding what happens in laser surgery can make the procedure less intimidating. The basic procedure uses a very precise laser to remove some of the corneal tissue. The laser process reshapes your cornea so it will focus to 20/20 vision. The entire process takes about 30 minutes. You will be awake during the surgery, and will need to stare at a light to help keep your eye fixed as the laser is used. You may hear and smell the laser as it works.

What to stop or avoid

You’ll need to stop wearing contacts before your evaluation and your surgery, because contacts change the shape of the cornea. Different types of contacts will need more time off your eyes. For example, if you wear hard contact lenses, you’ll need to stop wearing your contacts four to eight weeks before the surgery. Your surgeon will advise you on the exact time.

Leading up to the big day, it’s a good idea to avoid things that might irritate or injure your eyes. This includes things like the pick-up basketball game, smoke-filled rooms and swimming pools.

The day before your surgery, stop using any ‘products’ that go near your eyes. This includes perfume or cologne, creams and make-up. The residue from these products can lead to complications.

On the big day of your surgery, it’s fine to eat and drink, but you should definitely avoid alcohol or any medicines that might make you sleepy.

After the surgery

You will be given a shield to protect your eye after the surgery and keep you from rubbing the area. You should continue avoiding sports and wearing make-up so the eye can heal properly, anywhere from two to eight weeks.

Although recovery from laser eye surgery is fast, you will still want to hitch a ride home since you’ll have some post-surgery effects. Remember, you’ll probably have blurry vision. A full recovery can take time, so follow your doctor’s orders about rest and exposure to irritants as you adjust to your new and improved vision.

With the quality and affordability of laser eye surgery, there’s no reason for you to wait any more to enjoy the liberty of living without glasses or contacts. Consult your eye doctor and see if you’re a good candidate, and start seeing better!