George Ammar on How to Stay Fit and Active when You’re Busy

For George S. Ammar, health and fitness has had to be a priority. Like many people, he lives a very busy lifestyle and it is all too easy to decide to no longer focus on health. However, he believes this is a terrible mistake. He understands being busy like no other, being the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Ohio CFO LLC. As a CPA certified accountant, George Ammar goes through periods of time where he is so busy, he feels as if he may as well move into his Cleveland, Oh office. However, he believes that his business may be important, his health and fitness is even more so. Hence, he has developed a number of important tips for the busy executive who wants to prioritize feeling good.

George Ammar’s Directory of Top Health Tips

  1. Drink plenty of water. Busy executives in particular have a tendency to become caffeine addicts. They feel it keeps them awake and alert. Instead, it is likely to give them a stomach ulcer and make them build up resilience to caffeine. Drinking water leaves people hydrated and healthy, which coffee cannot achieve. Stick to a cup on the morning and then switch to water.
  2. Make a plan. As busy as George S. Ammar can get, he always knows when he will get busy. And he always schedules in time for eventualities because something will inevitably go wrong. This gives him a good opportunity to see just how busy he is, while at the same time seeing when he can work out. And he writes this in his diary so that he isn’t tempted to do something else instead.
  3. Work out when possible. A busy Cleveland, Ohio CFO or CPA cannot commit to going to the gym five days per week while also still meeting the needs of their clients. That is simply impossible and George Ammar won’t even try it. However, it is important to go as often as is possible and commit to that.
  4. Learn about your health. This was a big one for Ammar, who felt that, since he was still young and reasonably fit, the fact that he was spending most his time behind a desk wasn’t actually harming him. However, he was wrong. He learned, for instance, about caffeine dependency (drink water!), carpal tunnel syndrome, burnout, and more. This knowledge empowered him to make a real change in his life.
  5. Sleep enough. The first thing that people stop doing when they get busy is go to the gym. The second thing they give up is sleep. In reality, those are two hugely important elements of a healthy, happy life and they should never be ignored.
  6. Bring snacks. When you get a hunger pang or need a bit of energy, it is all too easy to go to the office vending machine or to the corner shop, of which there are plenty in Cleveland, Oh. By opting to bring snacks yourself, you know that you will eat healthily instead of sabotaging yourself.