Jeff Breault – Making Your Car Dreams Come True



My good friend Jeff Breault is one of the biggest petrol heads that I have ever met and over the years he has amassed one of the largest collections of car memorabilia that I think I have ever seen. I was catching up with Jeffrey Breault last week and as usual the conversation turned to cars. Now Jeff has never been someone who could afford to buy a supercar or a classic car because they are simply too expensive. This however doesn’t mean that someone with a passion for all things automotive, cannot still live out their dreams of driving one.

Track Days

Jeff Breault has always loved racing cars and when he was younger it was actually his dream to be a race car driver. Sadly, he was never able to achieve that dream but that didn’t stop him finding the way to experience what it is like to be a race car driver.  All over the country you can have this same experience if this is your passion you can buy track day experiences which will give you the chance to race in cars which you perhaps could never afford or have the opportunity to drive. On the majority of these track days you’ll have the chance to experience driving in Bugattis, Lamborghinis and Ferraris amongst others, giving you the opportunity to live out your race car fantasies.

Test Driving

Something which Jeff Breault used to do before these track days became available was to take sleek cars on a test drive, despite the fact that he never really had plans to buy one. If you go to a dealership such as Mercedes or BMW and show interest in a vehicle, they will usually let you take it for a spin so that you can feel what it is like. The dealership of course won’t know that you don’t have the intention of buying it and you will be able to enjoy some time in the hot seat of one of your most desirable cars. This isn’t always recommended of course as things have changed but it can still be a great way to get the experience of driving a wonderful car.


Thanks to the new software and technology around virtual reality you can now enjoy a virtual ride in just about any car imaginable. This is technology which has advanced an incredible amount and that is why so many car lovers are flocking to gaming entered where they can virtually enjoy the look and the feel of some their fantasy vehicles. McLaren recently introduced software which allows you to drive the McLaren F1 and they have created it so that every single detail of the virtual experience is exactly the same as the real experience that you would have when driving one of their beautiful cars.

Money doesn’t have to hold you back when it comes to experiencing what it is like to drive some of the world’s most beautiful cars.