Integrity Heating and Cooling – 5 Signs It May Be Time For a New Heating System


For three years I felt as though I needed a new heating system and yet I did nothing about it, of course, and as luck would have it, my system decided to breakdown in the middle of a cold water here in Mokena, Il, and I had to call out the guys at Integrity Heating and Cooling who did a great job for me and installed a new boiler. As an aside, if you live in Mokena, Il, I would absolutely recommend this service. The reason why I hadn’t replaced the system was because I wasn’t convinced that the old one was on its way out and so I asked the guys what signs we should be looking out for, that indicate it is time for a new system and here are their 5 tips.

Can’t Remember

If you cannot remember when the heating system was installed, then it is probable that a new system is needed. These systems can only last between 10 and 20 years, a time frame in which most would remember. At the very least you should get a maintenance technician out to review the system, who will then tell you whether it is time to upgrade or not.

Energy Costs

If your energy costs have begun to rise and you can’t work out how, it may be that your system is inefficient and that as a result, it is costing you more money. When our systems don’t work properly, they still use up as much energy as before, yet the output of heat will be greatly reduced, meaning that you are spending money on something that doesn’t give results. What happens here is that why ramp the heat up, which uses more energy, just to keep warm.


A single broken part doesn’t mean that you need to replace the whole thing but if more and more parts on the system are breaking then it could be time to find a replacement. It will of course be cheaper to buy parts but if you are just making temporary fixes then it will be more cost effective in the long run to bite the bullet and invest in a new system.


If there are some rooms in your home which feel cold whether others do not, then this is a clear sign that the system isn’t doing its job. Contact a professional to review your system and then replace it if necessary.


Broken systems often pump out dry air thanks to a lack of humidity, as well as giving an uneven distribution of air in the home. Both of these factors can result in more colds within the family and if you notice this starting to happen then this could also be a sign that it is time to upgrade your heating system. Dry air can also affect plants and animals in the home, so you do need to address it.