Jeff Lupient Wife – What Keeps The Businessman Focussed

Jeffrey W. Lupient is an incredibly successful businessman who is the CEO of an automotive company here in Minneapolis, St. Paul Area, Minnesota. Jeff Lupient has always strived for success and since leaving Hamline University over a decade ago, he has gone on to have a brilliant business career and is one of the most widely respected businessmen in the state. In a chaotic world of high pressure and heavy competition, what is that keeps Jeff Lupient MN, charged and driven towards success. He tells us that focus is the key and that if you remain focused on your goals then you will achieve them. We asked him how he stays so focused and this was the response that he gave.

His Partner

Jeff Lupient wife is the driving force behind his success he tells us, she is the one that keeps him inspired and motivated to achieve the goals that he set out to achieve. The pair both grew up in Minneapolis, St Paul Area, Minnesota but they have a dream of retiring early on a Californian beach location, and this is why he is working so hard. Each morning Jeff says that his wife will remind him of what he is working towards which he says is the perfect way to cut through the stress and the worry, and keep himself focused on why he is working.

Visual Reminders

Jeff says that he has always been a very visual person and so when it comes to him remaining focused on his goals, he likes to cover his office at home and at work, in photos of what he wants to achieve. Each morning when he gets to the office he is instantly greeted by images of what he wants in the future and these instantly put him in work mood. Jeff says that without these it would be a case of out of sight, out of mind, so he uses these images to ensure that he never forgets why he is doing what he is doing which is perfect for the moments when he loses focus.


Jeff first started meditating back in his university days and he would use it as a way of relieving stress when his studies were getting on top of him. Jeff says that this is something which he has continued into his working life and he has since learned that meditation can be used for far more than just a stress reliever. Jeff says that if he hasn’t mediated for some days then he can easily lose focus on what he is doing, but when he then mediates this re-centers his focus. Meditation for Jeff is a chance to organize his thoughts and once again feel focused to go and perform, with the stress relief acting a nice bonus after 30 minutes of meditation.

This is what keeps Jeff Lupient focused, but what about you? How do you stay on point?