Change the Way You Think – Change Your Life

If you find that you have goals in your life, such as having more fun, losing weight, finding a new job, and so on, but you aren’t reaching those goals, it may be your own mindset that stands in your way. The concept of mindset is something that has been used in meditative practices, such as those delivered by 마음수련 우명 for thousands of years, but it has now also been scientifically studied. The link between mindset and coping with failure is now abundantly clear.

Essentially, when you tell yourself that you cannot do something, you develop a negative fixed mindset. This, in turn, means that you stop yourself from being able to grow. Essentially, the reason why you aren’t having more fun, why you haven’t lost weight, or why you haven’t found a new job yet, is because you tell yourself you are incapable of doing it.

How to Change Your Mindset

Scholars like 마음수련 우명 have developed a number of strategies to help people change their mindset and, in so doing, change their lives for the better. This includes:

  1. Being aware of how we think. By knowing how you think, and how this affects how you behave, you become more aware of your personal patterns. You will see which roadblocks are in place to your own successes. Mainly, it will show you just how critical you are of yourself, and how this criticism isn’t constructive.
  2. Make the choice. Once you know your own obstacles, you can choose to overcome them. Perhaps you have stopped yourself from getting a new job by telling yourself you don’t have the right skills. You can choose to overcome that, either by accepting that you are skilled or by building your skills, or you can choose to keep that criticism in your life as an obstacle. Obviously, the latter means that your mindset will continue to be fixed. Choosing is difficult, but it can be done because it is all about internal processes. It is about you, not about other people.
  3. Challenge yourself. Once you choose to not be held back by your personal criticism, you have to start challenging it. Next time you find yourself not having fun, because you feel you are responsible for the family’s laundry that has to be done, challenge yourself. Does the laundry really need doing? Can someone else do it? Challenge everything, but mainly yourself.

A key element of being able to change your mindset is to practice meditation. By meditating, you allow yourself to calm down and to just stop yourself from criticizing yourself. Once you complete your meditation, you will be better equipped to really review your own thoughts and make some decisions in terms of what you want to challenge, and what you want to keep in place. Best of all, it gives you the chance to just take a breath and feel whole and balanced.