Key Elements of a Truly Sustainable Community

Terra Group is a company that places a lot of emphasis on sustainable communities. Their CEO, Pedro Martin, wants to play a key role in pushing that agenda further forward. He does this by focusing on three key elements of a sustainable community, which he believes are pivotal in making them successful.

1. Recreation

Martin believes that communities should be fun, and this means there has to be a focus on recreation. In all his real estate efforts, he ensures, therefore, that there are opportunities for community activities to take part in, whether that is a green space in which to fly a kite, a regular yoga session, or live music. He believes these types of activities bring communities together, and that sense of community is necessary in order for them to be successful.

2. Financial Independence

Communities are congregations of people and therefore by definition not individualistic. However, they are also independent from others. Hence, according to Pedro Martin, it is important that sustainable communities can sustain themselves not just ecologically, but also financially. In so doing, he raises the profile of these communities and provides greater individual freedom as well. As such, the real estate communities he works with tend to have opportunities to start and build successful businesses and more. Having businesses in a community owned and operated by members of the community benefits everybody in the long run.

3. Group Living Activities

Last but not least, Pedro Martin believes group living activities should be made available. He believes it is up to the community to determine how far they want to take this, with group living activities at its most extreme being a full communal community. Communal living is not for everybody, however. What is important, however, is that there are cooperative efforts that help bring the entire community together. Things such as child care, laundry services, and community educational classes are all key elements of this.

For Martin, the goal is to demonstrate that community living has fantastic benefits to every member of the community. We live in a society where people’s neighbors are strangers, and sustainable communities can turn this around again, showing children that there is another way and that caring works better for everybody. For older people, it is an opportunity to get out of the rat race, to come home and find that they are welcome somewhere. And for the elderly, it is a chance to feel home, to feel looked after, and to feel part of something, rather than a burden on society.

Companies like Terra Group, under the guidance of Pedro Martin, are truly changing the world. They are showing people that another way is possible, a way in which people support not just each other, but also their environment. This is a significant piece of work and much still needs to be one. However, Martin believes it can be done, and considering his experience and his passion for making the world a better place, he may just make it happen.