Roof Financing

Financing a new roof is no joke. The cost of replacing a roof can be incredibly expensive. Today, we want to talk a little bit about what you can do to minimize the cost of a new roof while making sure you have the best possible material for your home.

How much does a new roof cost?

There are a few different factors that determine how much a roof will cost such as size, roof damage, or the specific type of shingles or panel. In general, usually homeowners can expect to spend between $5,000 and $12,000 on a new roof.

If you want to get more exact information based on your own roof, you can contact a local contractor that works in your area to get an accurate estimate on what a new roof will cost you.

Does Roof Cost Change Based on the Time of Year?

If it’s possible to wait for a specific part of the year, it is definitely worth it for the company you work with to choose the most mild weather time of year in your area. The worst thing you can do is to plan for a roof replacement when extreme weather is likely. For example, if you live in the midwest, the best time of year to get a roof replacement will be March through mid April before tornado season hits. The better option would be to wait for the fall.

Likewise, the springtime in Florida before the heavy summer weather and hurricane season hit. 

However, we know that you will not always have the benefit of waiting until a certain time of year. Sometimes, roof replacement will need to come immediately after a disaster or after an accident beyond your control. 

Talk to your local contractors to figure out what time works best for them to help you out as soon as possible.