Smart Upgrades that Can Help You Sell Your NYC Home Quickly

Selling a home in NYC can be tough. There are a lot of homes on the market and homeowners must go the extra mile to get their properties noticed. You may not be a position to invest major dollars in a remodel before you sell, but there are smaller, less expensive things you can do that will help get your home noticed by buyers. Here are a few of the smart low cost things you can do.


The most impactful, lower cost upgrade you can do to ramp up your home sale is painting. Painting makes any room look new and brightens up any interior nicely. A fresh coat of paints best quality is that it can draw attention to the walls and frame of a house, so if you home has “good bones” painting is a definite must. Remember to keep your paint choices toward neutral. Homebuyers want to be able to mentally furnish a home and dark colors on walls makes this more difficult. A white or eggshell color is ideal. In terms of where to purchase your paint supplies and get great advice as well, Janovic is your best choice. Not only does the company stock a full supply of New York painting products, they also are design consultants and can assist you with matching your paint ideas with you existing furniture so you get the most appealing look possible in every room of your home.

Carpet, Rugs and Runners

There is nothing more of a turn off to home shoppers than dirty and dingy rugs, carpets, and runners. When they are not clean or new, it makes the entire home look dirty. Replacing carpets can be expensive so unless your carpet is completely trashed find the best carpet cleaning service and purchase their best deep cleaning service. In terms of rugs and runners, remove or replace any that have seen better days. You can go to home discount stores and find low priced ones to replace them.

Planting Your Front Yard

If you own a home and want lots of interested buyers, curb appeal is a major selling point. Buyers want to be impressed when they pull up to the home and feel like others will be impressed as well. So you need to do all you can do to create curb appeal for your home. Many houses have it naturally. The shape of the home, placement of the garage, lawn and other house details can come together and make a stunning front to a home. Other homes are less appealing and simply do not have a naturally beautiful front. One way to amp up your home’s curb appeal is foliage.

Planting trees, shrubs and flowers can really put a beautiful front on a home. Consider adding different local varieties that look great together. Flowering or fruit trees can add great color and beauty. Shrubs can be placed strategically to add a layered feel on your lawn or in front of windows. You can add flowers of different heights and colors to make your home look warm and inviting. Remember, there is no wrong or right, but there are some choices that are better than others. Look at home magazines and talk with a gardener about ideas for your home. It could make the difference in terms of whether you get a sale or a higher price.