5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas 

Christmas is the time of year when it’s fun to give to everyone in your family, not just the kids.  Stockings can be hung for everyone in the family, from Grandma to the littlest ones.  Although the go-to item is usually candy for most people, it’s ok to get more creative.

Some people may find themselves scratching their head over what the best stocking stuffers are besides candy canes and chocolates.  However, there are plenty of creative solutions to choose from.  Here are some of the best stocking stuffers out there with no sugar at all.

Sentimental Items

Try finding things that are sentimental or rare. This could be anything from stocking-sized versions of the person’s favorite snacks to giving a piece of jewelry.

Potato chips, beef jerky, and even things like canned items are small enough and a great way to surprise them with something yummy when they open their stockings.

Try looking for things which are hard to find or perhaps only found in other countries.  This may make them smile extra big when they know you went the extra mile to give them something special that they love.

Novelty Items

Stuffing stockings with things that are fun and can get a laugh out of someone are a great way to lighten up the atmosphere.  Buying gag gifts that you’re sure will be funny are not only a way to save a few bucks but can get everyone excited about what will come out next.

Some ideas can include magic tricks, funny figurines, or anything that refers to an old inside joke.  It’s ok not to take stocking stuffers too seriously.  When people get too wrapped up in things being perfect it takes away the fun of the holidays.  Try to remain relaxed and have fun with it!

Lotto Tickets and Scratch Cards

Lotto tickets and scratch cards are affordable and fit nicely into a stocking.  They are fun and get people enthusiastic about seeing what they won.

Sometimes you even get lucky and you end up stuffing their stockings with winning cards!  Just make sure to casually mention that they owe you half of their millions if they win the big lotto ticket.


Coupons are fun and useful for putting into stockings.  Not to mention they are free.  You can start collecting coupons weeks in advance and spread them out amongst the older people you are filling stockings for.

People love a good deal, so try finding some good ones for an extra delightful surprise when they see what Santa has brought them.


Everyone needs a pen from time to time.  Try buying a big bag on sale or at the dollar store and don’t be shy about filling those stockings up.

Although it might seem simple, they are incredibly useful and will go to good use for any age!