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Great Gifts for Your College Bound Children


Starting college can be incredibly daunting, for both children and parents. It’s a sign that they have grown up, and that things are changing. They are taking their first steps as an adult. This fills many parents with a great sense of pride, but also a little sadness. Packing them off with a gift can be a great way to remind them that you care, and that you will always be there for them. A Lightweight Laptop Even if they intend to live at home while they study, or they’re studying an online master of law program at University of…

Savvy Ways to Save on Student Expenses


The life of a student is one that usually involves a whole bunch of penny pinching. The whole “living on a student budget” lifestyle is a given with students today. With that said if you’re in the middle of your masters in health care informatics and it feels as though you never quite have enough money, you’ll love these money saving tips that we’ve put together for you. They will make your life easier and a little less stressful where money is concerned. Make Yourself a Budget It’s extremely hard to be able to know what you are spending if…

Tips Every College Freshman Should Know

college freshman

Are you or a loved one about to start the first year of college? College can be a massive change so here are some tips every college freshman should know to make for an easy transition to this new and important stage in life. Get Involved in Extracurricular Activities This is a tricky one because you don’t want to overburden yourself with responsibilities your first year at college but you also want to meet new people who share interests with you. Many college freshman feel isolated when they first at arrive at college because it may be the first time…