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Marketing Tips for Startups


When you are venturing into business ownership for the very first time, your time is a very precious asset that you will feel has been monopolized by tasks ranging from small admin tasks to developing crucial business strategies. Getting the ball rolling for any new business is hard, and that is why many businesses, unfortunately, end up failing. Of course, there are a lot of factors that influence whether a business takes off or not. From whether the customer demand is there to having the right marketing strategy, there is no guarantee of success particularly in an uncertain economic climate.…

Marketing Your Bakery


If your bakery has great products and a small customer base, it usually means your marketing is not clicking. Companies like Café Valley, a supplier of baked goods to dozens of bakeries and other businesses, echoes the importance of good marketing in the food industry and has seen it make all the difference. Larry Polhill, Café Valley executive knows that one of the best forms of marketing is word of mouth, because it often leads to good reviews and referrals. Here are some tips to get your marketing up to speed and people talking about your bakery. Become the Expert …

Three Ways to Beat Out Competing Affiliate Blogs When You’re a Solopreneur


Affiliate marketing is far from dead. In terms of surefire ways to make money online, affiliate sites remain one of the most tried-and-tested means of making it happen. After all, thriving communities such as Reddit and Warrior Forum are more than willing to share their secrets. Many of today’s digital nomads and solopreneurs are surging in sales while soaking up the sun thanks to the flexibility that affiliate marketing affords. In short, there is full-time income potential through affiliate marketing, granted you have the following three elements locked down: Products with strong affiliates that aren’t paying out a pittance A…