5 World Class Amenities Emirates Offers Like No One Else

The Dubai based Emirates Airline is the epitome of comfort and luxury. For the informed traveler, Emirates is the only name that comes to mind while planning the next big vacation outside the country. With their extensive reach and best in class services, here are the top 5 world class amenities Emirates offers that sets them apart from the rest.

Most Space

The biggest worry of any traveller while making those world hopping flights is the leg space. No one wants to be stuck in a seat for 16 hours which is uncomfortable. And that is why Emirates offer the best space to its customers while compared to any other airline in the world. And when you are traveling in economy class, the space difference is most evident and it makes a world of difference when you are flying for 14 hrs. non-stop. Their Airbus A380 fleet also has the best business and first class seats in terms of space and privacy.

Best Food

Airplane food is one thing that most people do not look forward to when they travel. But the game changes when it comes to Emirates. Whether you fly business class or economy class, the food is prepared by the same chefs of international recognition and will change your perspective on how airplane food should be. You can even select your dietary preferences online before even you board the flight. No matter if you are a vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant or allergic to certain type of food, Emirates goes above and beyond to create the best possible experience for you on your trip.

Best In-flight Entertainment

There’s only so much books you can carry with you to read on an airplane. And if your flight is in the north of 3hrs mark, you need a distraction. Here’s where Emirates’ award-winning ICE entertainment system comes into play. You can not only watch live TV while flying 35000 feet above ground, but you can also browse through a multitude of new and old movies, tv shows and music albums. And if somehow that’s not enough, you can listen to live radio stations all over the world and even play games on the entertainment unit.

Wi-Fi Services

For any digital nomad, the internet is a vital part of their lives. And you can’t be disconnected from the rest of the world while you fly, can you? With the same philosophy in mind, Emirates Airline offers its passengers the best onboard WiFi services any airline can offer. You get a full 1GB of high-speed data for less than 150Rs while you float above the mountains and oceans, keeping you connected to the outside world.

Lounge Access

If you are traveling business class or first class with Emirates, you are in for an experience that will shame even the most competent 5-star hotels. The Emirates airport lounges are completely free for their business and first class customers where you can wine and dine while you wait for your flight. There are bathrooms where you can shower pre-flight, there are spas that rejuvenate you before a long travel and there is amazing food cooked by some of the world’s leading chefs. There are even dedicated rooms filled with TVs and playstations where you can relax and play your favorite games. Also, the Emirates Dubai lounge has been awarded the best airport lounge in the world several times.

If you want to fly to any of the 140+ destinations that Emirates Airlines offer, the best way to book your ticket fast and cheap is through popular ticket booking portals. Apart from these world-class amenities, the thing that sets Emirates apart is their passenger-centric approach combined with their dedicated and humble crew which is always there to help you. And that makes flying Emirates a memorable experience.