Are You Prepared For The Next Super Storm?

Whether you’ve been caught up in a storm before you’ll be aware of what to expect when bad weather strikes. However a super storm is something else. If one of those hits your local area, you need to be well prepared for all eventualities.

Recently, there have been some very severe storms which have caused some serious damages to homes and which have even caused deaths to people in many areas of the USA. There are more areas at risk than ever before, so if you’re wise, you’ll be well prepared just in case another super storm hits your home.

Although most of us hope that there won’t be a storm on the way, you can never predict quite what the weather is going to do in the future, so making sure you know what you need and the things you should have in your home to be ready for such an eventuality could literally make the difference between life and death.

Knowing in advance the key pieces of equipment that you should have to hand, and knowing which essential items you should have in your home ready should an alert be issued for a major storm will ensure that you and your family can stay safe in even the most dangerous weather.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the next super storm. If you follow this advice and invest in the essentials, you’ll find that, no matter what happens, you’ll be ready to weather the storm.

Get Your Documents Ready

The first step to getting prepared for a storm is to make sure all your important paperwork has been fully printed out and then stored in an airtight bag. You’re going to need lots of different documents. Think insurance papers, details about prescription medications, emergency contact numbers, your pet licenses and utility details. If you plan to have everything you need to hand should you need to leave your home for an extended period you’ll be well prepared should a storm hit.

Plan Different Routes

Should there be flooding due to a storm, or felled power lines, you’ll need to plan different routes from your home. Make sure that you’ve already thought about all the possibilities and where blockages and problems might happen. Then plan a few alternatives so you’ll not be trapped in your home when the storm comes. Also, find out which public buildings are going to be used as a public shelter so you’ll know where to go.

Stock Up On Food

Make sure to have a stock of staples which are long lasting and won’t go off. Remember that people often panic buy when a storm has been forecast, so you might find the shelves empty in your local store if you wait until the last moment. Stock up on dried fruit, water, snack bars and other dried goods so you’ll have plenty to eat and drink.

Think About Power

Wherever you’re living, power could be a problem during a storm. This is doubly the case if you live in a particularly isolated or rural community. Power outages can take a long time to repair after a storm, so having a good source of power that you can rely on in an emergency is essential. Buy an emergency power generator in advance so that you’re prepared well before the announcement of any possible storm. Remember that just before a storm, generators will be very popular and could quickly sell out in your local area.

Fill Your Car With Gasoline

Gas shortages are another problem in the event of a storm. As soon as a storm is predicted to arrive, people rush straight to the gas station to full up their vehicles. If you want to avoid this problem happening, it makes sense to keep your car full of gas at all times and also to have a spare can of gasoline in a safe place in your trunk or in your basement so that you can be ready to drive out of town in the worst case scenario.

Follow these top tips and you’ll find that you’ll cope perfectly well when the next super storm hits.