Awesome European Cities For a Bachelor Party

In the past a bachelor party or stag-do took place the night before the wedding, it was considered to be the last night of freedom before hitching yourself to a girl for the rest of your life. Such was the mayhem of the stag do however that far too many grooms would turn up on their wedding day with bad heads or worse and as a result of this, the stag party began to be moved to a month or so before the big day. One night for a party didn’t seem to be enough and in the last 20 years it has become far more common to make a weekend out of it and more often than not, head abroad. The usual requirements of a bachelor weekend are simple, alcohol, events and good times and usually at the lowest possible price. Europe offers many great destinations for this kind of party and here are our top picks for the best stag do destination in Europe.



For those who are looking for a cheap but more relaxed stag party weekend then look no further than the Hungarian capital of Budapest. This beautiful city has lots to offer stag groups from lively night clubs, cheap bars, racing tracks, beer bike experiences and even thermal baths in the city center to sweat out the night before. The city is relaxed and fun-loving and the prices for food and drink are incredibly reasonable so why not have your stag do in Budapest?


The north eastern English city of Newcastle has become something of UK stag do mecca and it offers a great deal to groups of men on a bachelor weekend. In the center of the city you will do very well to find a street which doesn’t contain a bar or club and the locals here love nothing more than to party with you. During the days you can go-kart, paintball, go bowling or even take a bungee jump off the famous Tyne Bridge before getting ready to party in some of the country’s liveliest clubs.


Eastern Europe is very popular for stag parties and one of the best places in this region to visit is Warsaw. The Polish capital has the perfect recipe for any stag party and there are many very cheap bars for you to pass you days in. The city has some lively night spots and strip clubs offering promotions for stag parties so that you can enjoy your night in style. A popular activity in the city is shooting where you and your group can head out for a day shooting rifles, handguns and even AK-47s at targets for the ultimate in macho fun.  The main draw of Poland for stag parties is the low prices on almost everything from food, drinks and events and if you are looking to have a crazy time on a budget then Warsaw could be the perfect place for you and your stags.