Main Qualities Of A Really Good Manager

The best manager is capable of tapping into resources and talents in order to make everyone operate at a full potential. The outstanding manager, like Ryan Grigson, manages to lead an entire company forward. However, few actually know much about the qualities needed to become a very good manager. This is what we will focus on in the following paragraphs.


Competence is separated from excellence through creativity. You get to make a project take the next step and manage to capture the attention of others. In so many cases we have creativity as the main ingredient that makes pieces fit and create a truly cohesive whole as appeal is added.


The structure and context that we work within will always include a set of limitations, guidelines and parameters. This is why the really good manager needs to know exactly how to work while within that structure. In no way should the structure impinge upon project or process. You have to intimately know the existing structure in order to guide the team members to perform proper work. When doing this it is easy to go beyond set boundaries.


This is practically defined as the capacity you have to know something without utilizing rational processes. When looking at emotional intelligence, it is one of the most important factors. Those that have really keen insight can sense what people think and feel. Because of this, it is much easier to perfectly respond to others. If intuition is really strong, the manager is much better.


This is most likely common sense but it needs to be highlighted. The best managers are those that have a really thorough knowledge base. It needs to be really well integrated and ingrained into manager being as to eventually become transparent and focus on what needs to be learned as opposed to just relying on what is known. An excellent manager will rely on the knowledge base he/she acquires but will never actually be limited to it.


Whenever managing anything there is a possibility you will end up faced with unwanted situations. You need to be really committed to project success in order to actually reach that success. A manager does control the vision the collective team has. He/she needs to move that team closer to that desired result. When the commitment of the manager is limited, the entire team will end up being limited.


Every single employee is going to value the leaders that show humanity and that never hide behind authority. A really good leader will always be confident and will not be afraid to showcase personality. Any manager that connects with others and respects them at a true human level will inspire loyalty.

As you can see, different qualities are needed for the successful manager. You need to be careful about what you do and you need to practically do all that you can in order to gain all the qualities that you lack. Really good managers always keep learning, no matter what happens. They get extra skills and qualities needed for future success.