Mistakes To Avoid While Using Vaporizer For The First Time

Remember the first time you smoked or tried something new or weird? Well, the first experiences are often a disaster, aren’t they? However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. If you’re planning to switch to vapes and are afraid of getting started and overwhelmed with the information available online, this article is for you. 

This will take you through the most common mistakes that beginners conduct. All you need to take care of now is stay clear of these. Have fun reading!

Vapes and cigarettes

Vapes and cigarettes are categorically different. The first mistake that newbies conduct is approaching an e-cig like a conventional cigarette. You must remember smoking and vaping are two very different processes.

Consider the method of inhaling vapor properly before jumping to your first drag. With conventional cigarettes, you have to take the smoke in your mouth such that it reaches your lungs. A vape’s vapor is much denser than regular smoke. Therefore, it may cause you to cough a little in the beginning. Therefore, try taking long gentle drags at the beginning that go directly to your lungs. Try Vape Shop to have a smooth experience as a beginner. 

Dry hits

An e-cig comes with an atomizer with an attached coil. Newbies often tend to fill the tank and hit on the device right away, only leading to a burnt, unpleasant taste. This is called a dry hit.

When using a brand new device, you need to give it time to saturate the cotton. You could also remove your cotton and soak it in the juice. Merely filling the tank doesn’t mean that the device is ready for use, and of course, waiting is not an option when you’re trying out something new. Therefore, adopt methods to wet the cotton faster so that they are no delays, and you can enjoy that first memorable hit of yours. 

Cost over quality

We understand budget is an essential consideration while buying an e-cig. However, do not compromise with quality. Your experience is directly influenced by the quality of the device and the vaping juice. 

A perfect vape would be the one with durable battery life, good grip, handy shape, easy to handle, and create good quality vapor. Look out for reviews of the device before making a final purchase. One can also read blogs by experts who compare and contrast various products and allow you to make a better decision. 


Though this seems like a minute chore, it significantly influences your vaping experience. Most vapes have refillable tanks. Therefore, the tanks need to be sufficiently filled to keep the cotton and the coil wet. 

Every e-cig has holes at the sides. To keep the wick wet, the juice level needs to stay above the holes at all times. In that case, you might just end up getting a dry, harsh hit. Thus, keep one eye at the level of the liquid. Also, avoid vaping right after refilling the tank. The cotton takes time to saturate, and therefore, immediate use might not give you the desired experience.  

Nicotine strength

Nicotine strength is one of the significant considerations while purchasing an e-liquid. For regular and heavy smokers, it is easier to find their hit. However, beginners need to explore and research before making a choice. 

Nicotine strength also plays a role in enhancing the vapor flavor. However, it holds little taste within itself. Higher concentration might lead to excessive coughing and discomfort. Typically beginners are suggested to go for 3mg or 6mg. Ifor heavy smokers, 12 mg is said to be the optimum level. 


The market offers a range of flavors of liquid. From conventional choices like strawberry, chocolate, and mint to weird combinations of coffee, creams, and alcoholic drinks- it depends on your willingness to experiment. 

Newbies tend to explore new flavors. Though for the first two chances, the taste might be fine. Using the tank consult to hold various flavors without washing, it can bring you an unpleasant taste. Therefore, always remember to wash the wick and the tank while switching between flavors to have an enhanced taste and smooth experience. SOC Portable E-Nail Kit is portable and handy. Check out the products to pick out the best ones for you.