Planning Your Next Trip: Travel Vaccinations

Planning your next trip with travel vaccinations
Photo by CC user Frankieleon on Flickr

Planning a trip to a far off and exciting destination is both fun and nerve wracking. Though most of the planning process involves picking your location of choice, time of year and hotel, there are other factors that play into making sure that you have the best visit possible. Though most people think of the visa process as the longest part of the ‘getting ready’ stage, some will find that securing your travel vaccinations is in fact the most tedious part of planning. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. To help you find your way, here are some tips and advice on how to plan your next trip and deal with the vaccination process quickly and painlessly.

Knowing which travel vaccinations to get

Depending on where you plan to travel to, you’ll find that some countries and areas require those traveling into it to be up to date on certain vaccinations, while others may not require any. This means that it’s very important to find out what destinations require what as soon as you start your planning as some vaccinations require boosters or incubation periods before you’re allowed to enter the country of your choice. This is especially true for those who travel between countries on a regular basis, whether for work or to visit family members. Generally speaking, you’ll want to start the vaccination process 4 to 6 weeks before you leave. When selecting the country to visit, you’ll find lists online with requirements for travelers traveling from various countries themselves. This will help you to determine if you want to still visit that area or not.

Sometimes, not all vaccinations are required but rather advised. If you plan to travel more remotely or do a jungle trek or two, you might find the need for vaccinations greater. Also, if you’re traveling with elder individuals or those young in age, those two age groups tend to find themselves in the ‘need vaccinations’ category.

Where to get your travel vaccinations

Once you’ve decided what country you’re going to visit and have determined what vaccines you’ll need, it’s now time to make an appointment with your local primary health provider or physician. They do should also have a list of what vaccines are needed, or be able to quickly print one out, alongside your personal vaccination history. If you or your doctor are unsure of your medical history, then you’ll have to get all the shots required, even if you’ve received some in the past.

Some countries require proof of vaccination against yellow fever. This is a very important vaccine that you have to get at least 10 days before you board your flight, and it’s also one that you can receive directly at your doctor’s office. Just make sure that you take home a stamped vaccine certificate as well as you’ll need to have that on hand during travel.

When planning a vacation, it is important to make sure you’re on top of your game and have all of the necessary items packed and ready to go. Documents are no exception. Though most will just have to carry their passport, ID, and/or visa, others will have to include their personal and recent vaccination paperwork as well. No need to get nervous however, as vaccinations have become very easy to get with most doctor offices already having them on hand and ready to go.