How to use Your Mobile Phone as a Time-Saving Machine

When you first buy a mobile phone, it may be difficult to master the use of it. Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be especially complicated because of all the settings and features available. The numerous icons and signs on any mobile phone can prove to be overwhelming for the average joe. However with time, you will start to get the hang of things like the home menu, contacts, messaging, camera and the other options typically available on a mobile phone. If you take the extra step and make the effort to turn your phone into its own scheduling marvel through the beauty of apps then it could save you a heap of time.

Objective Lists

With an objective list, you are reminded that you need to complete tasks for that day. To write down and save this list, you can use a word processor app or a dedicated app like Wunderlist and Google Spreadsheet that yield extra features for better use. It’s much more effective to write lists in the order that you wish to do them because otherwise, it’ll just look like a jumbled and confusing mess. This is probably the number one rule of organisation, always make lists. This way, you’re not wandering about life like a headless chicken.


Calendars are very similar to Objective Lists in how they operate and help you. Just mark down the event on the date it happens so every time you take a gander at the calendar, a small reminder pops into your head. Calendars tend to be better for events than tasks, you should mark down stuff like birthdays, weddings and funerals rather than what you’re going to do throughout the day. This way a Calendar compliments an Objective List rather than replacing it.


Many phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 have in-built timer apps. These apps can be effective in improving your time thus allowing you to complete tasks quicker. If you’re finding yourself lagging behind on a certain task, just leave it for now and come back to it at a later time. This way you’re refreshed and the frustration has left your mindset. The feeling of frustration can further hinder your abilities in doing something, so it’s best to come back with a clear mind. Time management is a key factor in saving time.


It might be strange that taking photos is in here because this isn’t a photography or art class. Well, instead of writing down important text you might come across in life, you could just take a photo of it. As long as you have a steady head and your camera isn’t for crap, you can just keep a gallery of your important to-dos in life. For example, your professor writes some maths equations on the board, snap it. This means no more torturous copying and taking down notes.

Online Shopping

The Internet has given way to many financially convenient things in life. One of those things being online shopping, the prospect of online shopping was a myth for years until booming in the late 2000s, now it’s a culture-wide phenomenon and hundreds of thousands people shop online each day. EBay is obviously the largest retailer online with people regularly buying and selling items to each other on a daily basis. However, there are numerous other storefronts online with high traffic as well as an increased focus toward online shopping by physical retailers.

With physical purchases, you have to make the trip and depending on how far the shop is from your destination, that could be between 2 minutes to several hours. Great for you if it’s 2 minutes but what if your wanted item is something not available in your country, say it’s only available in the USA. That’s where the beauty of online shopping comes in, just order it and you’ll eventually get your item without ever leaving your house. This seems like a much more time-saving and reasonable option than travelling overseas. Most modern mobile phones have support for dedicated shopping apps like eBay as well as default support via the store’s website. Online shopping apps usually have no upfront cost for signing up.

Online Banking

Another great advent that has come with the World Wide Web is Online Banking, remember all those times you had to wait in packed service lines just to check your account balance. Well, that time has past and now with an abundance of banks supporting online account checking with their own dedicated apps, it’s much quicker to just log in and see for yourself. Some people do not like apps which require financial information to be entered but today’s banks have state-of-the-ark cyber security systems instilled into their apps, so your information is completely safe. Bank apps also have no upfront cost for sign up.

Audio Recording

With similar benefit as taking pictures of notes, you can record a lecture or business meeting to play it back in case of missed details and general revision. It’s doubted that you remember all that jargon-filled jibber jabs your professor was so proudly exerting, so just keep a recording of it for studying reasons.