What Makes a Great Leader

The World is full of great leaders, whether in the political landscape with people like Barrack Obama and Angela Merkel, in the business industry like Sergey Brin and Richard Branson and in everyday life with so many strong parents who are leading their children to great lives. These people aren’t always born to lead, many of them have had to work hard throughout their career to gain their position, CEOs like Patrick Imbardelli studied and toiled to gain their position and had to learn the leadership part along the way. So what is it that makes a great leader? Let’s take a look at some of the skills that the best leaders possess.


Being Forward Thinking

Whether it be in business or politics, the best leaders out there are the ones who always have an eye on the future, and how they can change it. Creative minds make for great leaders, those who are always seeking to reshape, redevelop and reinvent. This forward thinking nature comes from a desire to succeed and how they can best change things now so that the future will be more successful.

Focussing on the Team

Great leaders never forget the importance of a team nor their role within it, the best leaders can often be measured by the capabilities of their team and they should have the skills to engineer a strong team around them that is filled with different abilities. Great leaders not only puts the team together but also enforces their position at the head of it, a great team should be one that works well as a unit with clear pathways of communication and one that respects the person in charge.


No leader in any walk of life gets to where they are without persistence and equally many who fail in their ambitions to be a leader are those who lack the ability to not take no for an answer. Great leaders in politics and business have taken setbacks, failings and criticism and spun them around to use to their advantage. The path to leadership is never easy and there will be those who try to knock you down, it is up to your to show the resilience to continue.


The level of dedication that leaders show is what sets them apart from most, the ability to get their teeth into a concept or idea and work relentlessly until they see its completion. Leaders are the most dedicated people in their field and will stop ta nothing to get what they want.


A great leader is one who can adapt themselves to any situation or to any person, they are aware that they cannot lead everyone in the same way and they can highlight the moments when they need to show flexibility. The ability to adapt is something that can be very difficult to learn and generally speaking, great leaders have the natural instinct to know when they need to adapt and change.