List of things you need to ensure while traveling to another country

When you travel, you can only rely on what you take with you, because you can never know whether you will be able to get exactly what you need and what you want upon arrival at the final stop. Therefore, before you go on a trip, you need to collect and take along the most necessary things. If you know how to pack up very quickly and take everything you need with you – it’s good, but everyone doesn’t do so well. For many women, and for some men, this is a real problem. It is interesting that here we are in contact with two extremes, there is nothing to bring with us, or the bag is too small to fit.

Whether you are going on a long tour or a short business trip, whether it’s a trip for the US to Asia or a bus Montreal to New York, make sure of going through the list of things you need to ensure while travelling to a different country.

More than half of travelers forget some important things at home. Most often, the charger remains in the outlet, in the bathroom, there is a toothpaste with a brush, and in the most visible place are documents and tickets.

Tourists can be divided into two groups: the first is going on vacation and in advance carefully check the list of everything folded into a travel bag. The latter at the last moment randomly stuff things that can be useful on a trip into a suitcase, and impatiently jump on its lid, trying to manage to stuff the luggage in the suitcase.

More than half of tourists forget at home some necessary things. Charger The list of things forgotten by tourists at home is topped by chargers. On the eve of the trip, many travelers try to charge their gadgets and do not notice that the treasured wires remained in the outlet. If the hotel does not find a suitable charger, then in a couple of days tourists will be left without their favorite player, smartphone, camera or e-book. 

Ensure that you have this list of things:

Ideally, a bag can be assembled if you are already an expert in this matter or listen to the advice that we will try to give you now.

Let’s start by choosing a bag. The main thing here is not to go to extremes and not exaggerate with the size of luggage. The smaller the bag, the easier it is to move around with it, the less time it will take to pack the contents and save money on luggage.

It is best to choose a bag in which the size of hand luggage or a not very large suitcase on wheels. Both that and another should be from strong, high-quality material and easy.

1. Documents and tickets 

Oddly enough, tourists very often forget documents and tickets at home, even if they are in a prominent place. A passport, a visa, rights, an insurance policy, a ticket and copies of these documents – these are the things you need to always keep with you on a tourist or business trip. 

2. First-aid kit 

Preparing a package of medicines for diarrhea, colds and headaches, and then forgetting it at home is an international tradition. Of course, tablets, bandages and a patch can be bought at any roadside pharmacy. But it is better to take medicines from home, so that, if necessary, do not look for them in an unfamiliar city. 

You can take painkillers and plasters with you.

3. Bathing suit 

It seems unrealistically funny, but it’s true: every fifth tourist who comes to the sea forgets to bring a bathing suit. This fact does not lend itself to a logical explanation. To avoid unplanned expenses for the purchase of new swimming trunks or a swimsuit, put them in your suitcase first. 

4. Slippers

Tourists forget to take slippers for a banal reason: they go to their houses until the last moment and plan to put them in a suitcase right in front of the exit. But when the green light of a taxi looms outside the window, tourists, grabbing a travel bag, rush briskly towards adventures and remember their favorite slippers, forgotten in the hallway, after checking into a hotel room. 

5. Toothpaste and toothbrush brush “

After brushing teeth in the morning, many forget the paste and brush on the shelf in the bathroom. In principle, this is not such a big problem, because personal items can be bought at any supermarket. Comb

It’s a trivial object, but if you have a sensitive scalp, it is better to carry your comb along with you.

6. Shampoo

Not every shampoo might suit your hair. Make sure you carry your shampoo in a little container which is enough for you to last the trip.

7. Deodorant

Why buy when you can carry? Carry your roll-on or spray deodorant with you while travelling.

8. Shaving kit

Men take note! Carry your shaving kit with you in case the place you visit might not have your favorite razor.

9. Needle and thread 

Anything happens on the road. A button may come off at the blouse, and a hole may appear in the pocket of your favorite trousers. So that these annoying little things do not overshadow your vacation – do not forget at home a needle and thread. It’s even better to take the emergency kit on the road: sewing accessories, glue and adhesive tape. 

10. Choose neutral clothes

It is better to choose clothes that can be combined, no need to try to stuff the entire wardrobe into a suitcase. Depending on the nature of your trip, choose your wardrobe. If the trip is short, then take one thing from each part of the wardrobe, or two if your trip is long. For example, if this is a business trip, take a suit, shoes and leisure shorts, trousers and comfortable shoes. Do not forget about the weather, and maybe you need to take on to wear something warmer.

11. Take the accessories

Pay attention to accessories. The same kit that you wear every day can be freshened up with different scarves, earrings or bracelets.

12. Keep extra cash on you

Prepare for emergencies and carry extra cash and credit cards with you.


Traveling is a very pleasant experience. And it becomes even more pleasant when you manage to take with you all the necessary things

In order not to stay on vacation without useful and necessary things, pack your suitcase according to the list. Cross out items that you have already packed. Before leaving the house, re-read the list and report the forgotten things into the suitcase.