5 Tips on How to Choose Flower Girl Dresses

At your wedding, one of the most significant girls in the bridal party will be the flower girl. Whether you choose to have one or seven, they’ll be the center of attention before you walk down the aisle. It’s essential you make sure they’re wearing the cutest dress possible. But, it’s not just about choosing a casual dress that suits your flower girl. There is a lot of thought that goes into it. We’ve put together a short list of tips for you to consider before purchasing your flower girl dress. That way you’re bound to have the perfect day, and everyone will express how beautiful your young flower girls look.

1.      Choose a Comfortable Fabric and Fit

Wedding days are incredibly long and tiring. Your flower girl will most likely get tired around 5pm and want to have a nap. Ensure the flower girl dress she’s wearing is comfortable enough for her to take a little lay down if she needs too. There are so many flower girl dresses out there that look and feel uncomfortable, but you want to make sure she feels beautiful and content. This also goes for the bridesmaid dresses, no one wants to spend such a long day in a dress that’s sore and tight.

2.      Buy a Reasonable Size

Planning is the secret key to a successful and smooth wedding, and while we all know that, we can sometimes forget that little girls grow. In the space of 2 or 3 months, a little girl can grow up to an inch in height which means if you buy a dress that fits her perfectly now then when it comes to your day, it might not look as good.

Choose a size that is slightly bigger (not too big though!) and then when it gets closer to your day if it still doesn’t look perfect you can get it altered for a small fee. It will only take dress fitters a few days to modify a dress so even if you only get it done a week before, you have nothing to worry about.

3.      Consider the Weather

There’s a lot of standing around outside when you’re on main flower girl duties! They have to keep everyone in shape which means they could be out for long periods of time. Children are a lot more sensitive to weather changes, so if your day is in the summer months, you may want to choose something a little more flowing than if it’s during the winter.

Perhaps if it’s due to be super cold during your big day, you can get your flower girl a shawl or cardigan to wear if she starts to get chilly.

4.      Keep Cost in Mind

Although you might spend thousands on your bridal dress, a little girl isn’t going to take as much consideration with their dress especially when there’s cake involved. Remember that by the end of the day, her dress will most likely be covered in mud, food, and all sorts of drinks. This is the main reason that you should keep the costs of her dress down. There are hundreds of retailers that sell less expensive flower girl wedding dresses you can purchase rather than spending over $100.

5.      Fit it with the Wedding Theme Colour

It’s even better when you can match your flower girl dress with the colour of your other bridesmaid dresses. You can do this or just get them something that totally contrasts the colour. Either way, it’ll look so beautiful!

Hopefully, these quick tips have given you more of an idea of what dress you want for your little flower girl so she can look her best. Remember, while it’s your special day, everyone else should look great too.